What To Do Just After A Bed Bug Treatment?

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Can you imagine sleeping with the continuous disturbance of bed bugs after a long tiring day at work? If not, you need to act immediately after noticing signs of bug invasion in your place. Though you may perform some instant Do It Yourself solutions, hiring a professional exterminator will ensure the end of these bed bugs once and for all.

However, the exterminator’s bed bug treatment can last long only if you take the right actions afterward. Therefore, once you search for Pest Control Athelstone and get the most appropriate treatment from the best company, you must take care of some facts to prevent further infestations.

Moreover, you can follow these steps which will give you a clear idea about things you need to do after bed bug treatment:

  1. Sealing Of Mattresses And Pillows:

Right after a comprehensive professional bed bug treatment, you will first need to seal your mattresses in mattress encasements. Moreover, seal pillows in vinyl pillow covers. This sealing will prevent the bed bugs from re-entering your place.

Moreover, you should keep these things sealed for an entire year. 

  1. Do Not Enter For A While:

Once the professional team leaves your space after a bed bug treatment, you should avoid entering your space for at least four to five hours. This is necessary because the pesticide may have some influence just after the treatment.

Furthermore, if anyone from your family suffers from some disease/weak immune system, do have a doctor’s consultation. All of you searching for what to do just after a bed bug treatment should pay attention to the health risks first.

  1. Vacuum:

Once you re-enter your place, open the doors and windows and do regular vacuuming for around four days. Make sure you clean all areas properly.

Final Verdict

Keeping your home clean after a bed bug treatment is necessary, especially the areas like the bathroom and kitchen. For all of you looking for what to do just after a bed bug treatment, you should keep all the above-mentioned things in mind.