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Bed Bugs are blood-sucking creatures that may create a lot of damage to your family’s health and property!! However, if you see a bed bug immediately give us a call on 08 7100 9103, Pest Control Athelstone. We are trained professionals who are available all year round 24X7 in your service. We provide you with the best Bed Bug Control Athelstone service with the most affordable pest control plans in your suburb. Book us now!! For a pest-free home. Our team uses effective strategies, with modern equipment, tools, eco-friendly, and safe chemicals during pest control procedures.

Bed Bug Control Athelstone

How to Know That Your House is Bed Bug-Infested?

Bed bug infestation can be a serious threat and it may cause various health issues for your family. For an untrained individual, it can be tough to trace bed bugs. We recommend you to look for these signs of bed bugs such as:

  • The fecal dropping of bed bugs in your bed or around it.
  • Shedding of the skin.
  • Bloodstains on the bed sheet or your clothes due to the accidental crushing of them.

They may hide in your clothes, purses, mattress, carpets, etc, and are carried easily from one place to another. Once they move into your house, it can be very difficult to control its infestation, as they multiply very quickly. Call Pest Control Athelstone on 08 7100 9103 for immediate inspection moreover right pest control solutions.

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